ACG is always seeking the brightest minds in business, accounting, finance, and law. ACG offers prospective employees the opportunity to join an elite team with a formidable international reputation. ACG was founded on integrity and results, where victories are won through a combination of teamwork and individual talent. To promote enduring success, we have cultivated a corporate culture that values professionalism, quality of life, creativity, and growth.

Company Description

Annapolis Consulting Group, Inc. (ACG) is an international consulting firm that serves Corporate Self-Insureds and Captive Insurers.   We facilitate the divestment of costly legacy and run-off claim portfolios.  This often requires assisting in the resolution of complex insolvency matters.

ACG’s success is realized initially through a veteran team of run-off specialists with expertise in closing out both solvent and insolvent insurance programs.  Our accomplished professionals have industry-specific expertise in self-insured and captive loss portfolio transfers, captive operations and run-off, accounting, legal, risk management, claims, bankruptcy, finance, and international jurisdictional analysis.

Wielding the intellectual capital and authoritative deportment necessary to control dynamic loss portfolio transfers, closures, run-offs, bankruptcy, and receivership situations, ACG manages engagements and projects in all major captive domiciles throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean.

ACG is a full-service firm providing collateral and surplus relief, legacy claim resolution, final captive closures, transfer of selected program underwriting years or lines of business and other practical solutions for both solvent and insolvent entities.

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