Throughout the business cycle, (re)insurers will face a number of operational challenges. ACG’s (Re)insurance operational excellence (ROE) consultants understand this as they too grew up in the industry. ROE’s bigger, stronger, faster methodology allows our clients to grow into new business segments, leverage functional expertise and implement technology for long-term cycle neutral efficiencies & savings. Our team has over 150 years of combined experience in (re)insurance operations that allows your team to focus on core strategic goals while assuring business as usual.

Bigger Explained

Whether organically or through acquisition, growth presents a tactical operational problem: how to integrate new operations without carrying too much overhead? ACG’s ROE consultants provide a surge resource protection for these problems. Whether your team needs 50% of a resource or 20 consultants, our experts are here to help smooth the labor demand curve through the maturation phase. Then, ROE consultants can, to a lesser extent, smooth the same demand during renewal season.

Stronger Explained

Soft market cycles for mature organizations put an onus on operational units. Non-core functions become cost savings targets and in the absence of automated processes, subject matter expertise (SME) becomes collateral damage. Not to worry, ROE consultants fill pivotal functional roles to seal the SME gap. Industry expertise and expense ratio reduction do not have to be mutually exclusive to navigate the waters of the soft market. Additionally, ACG ROE consultants will implement a quality framework that can streamline costs in the long-term.

Faster Explained

Regardless of market cycle, operations should not be an impediment to doing more business. Technology is often the answer to streamline processes but it does not come without its challenges:

  • What technology will solve your problem?
  • How do you balance operational staff with project needs?
  • How do you manage IT vendors looking to capitalize on change requests and maintenance?
  • Are your business requirements aligned with people and process?
  • What is the change program necessary to capture the desired ROI?


ACG ROE consultants can manage your transformation as a program, lead project work streams and/or fill functional roles that are vacated by subject matter experts absorbed by project demands. We manage your transformations from start to finish, focusing on delivery and providing a clear path to sustainable operational efficiency.